Linggo, Oktubre 7, 2012

The best things in life are free

The best things in life are free
Angel Hamilton
*Gods own country Nature wide, how lucky do we feel inside
It is not wealth fame or gain, that keeps us from going emotionally insane.
Tis lack of freedom and liberty, negative love, no serenity.
The best things in life are certainly free, but to share with another is important you see.
Companionship, love thats kind, to your faults they are blind
Unconditional love has no price tag.
Wounded fish caught on the snag, Really have.
Allowed to swim free, given another chance in the sea of life finds its own romance.
The shoal of fish swim inland, one poor fish anchors upon the sand.
Struggles with life and keeping afloat.
Where is that sailor and his boat?
Will he save will he catch, will he sell its eggs to hatch?
We are all fishes in gods own sea, are we caught or are we free.
Do we surface swim, or are we deep
Glimsing at clouds, or seabed we seek.
We have choices how we feel today, Even with life’s hand at play.
The best things are free in life you see,
No one can take your liberty.
That comes from deep within
A thought a feeling, loss or gain
Whatever deal we have been given,
Our choice to see hell or heaven.
Our vision belongs to us, people affect it,
a knock and a bruise, but survival can be of choice.
We were all given inner voice, some use it where they can
some knocked down by fellow man.
Why do we often destroy one another?
We do not have to be related, to be sisters or brother.
Allow us to be a ladder, help someone rise
The feel good factor will take you by suprise.
A smile is free, so is a kind hand shaken at that moment
when a heart is breaking.
A respected command, a hidden gesture a quick well done
the best things in life are free and a whole lot more fun.
Give of your self, a whale or a fish a dolphin of life
not a phirana dish.
You may need someone to save you one day
hope for calm waters, along life’s way
We were once the fish and the holy bread
that was shared by Jesus head by head.
We all landed on different shores.
Make the most of life and cry no more.
Hope lives inside your heart,
free as the birds, your flying does start.
Look down upon life’s ocean
clear or murky waters.
Like the phoenix, Rise Again
Doing what God has taught us…..
Use our vision, more than to see
Remember…..The best things in life are always free.*

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